Medical Sector: Bone nail
Product:   Bone nails
Model:      SE1500A
Cavity:       1 in, 4 out
Material:   l-lactic acid
Injection cycle:   65s
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      SANTSAI has been specializing in the field of injection molding and automation, digging deeper and pushing the envelope in utilizing its technology for a wide variety of applications since its parent company inauguration in 1994. More than 25 years
 Professional plastic injection molding machine and Plastic auxiliary equipment manufacturer (SML) in China with over 25 years export. Offer cheap price and reliable quality.Such as, Injection molding machine, Drying hopper, Granulators, Cooled chiller, C
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Elecric injection molding machine for Photoelectric sensor transparent plate
Elecric injection molding machine for Photoelectric sensor transparent plate.Very successful Mold trail by our Customer.All electric injection molding machines have been on the market for decades now, and there are many benefits in utilizing all electric
13 sets all elctric injection molding machine with central convey system for Electric tool INC
1) UP to Energy-Saving 50%;
2) More Acurrancy;
3) No oil leakage for Factory;
4) Auto material convey system;
5) Conbile with robot ,Save Labor, one Operate for all machine. 
All this reduct large Cost for your factory. 
Combination of Drying,Dehumidifying and Conveying( All in one)
Combine the three functions of Drying, Dehumidifying and Conveying into one. Also can make the equipment convey the materials onto three hoppers according to customer's requirements.
The last shipment of injection molding machine in January
The last shipment of injection molding machine in January.Over the past year, your support and enthusiasm have helped us accomplish remarkable results for martket. Service at high precision, electronics, medical, instrument and other high requiment sector
Why need automatic workshop?
Convey system enables central processing and closed conveyance of raw materials. Completely eliminates noise, dust and hot air pollution. It is an ideal coneyor system to maximize productivity and to realize distant centralized control.
Electronic Sector: Mobile parts
Model: SE-1000A
Cavity: 2
Material :AP20
Cycle time: 26 S
Medical Sector:Syringe
Cavity:       (1in,48out)                              
1.Without Dust and Oil
2.without air bubbles
Instrument Sector: Meter Housing 
Cavity:       (1in,16out)                              
Material: PC+Glass fiber30% + flame retardant   
Injection Cycle : 12s
Power  consumption: 0.0057 $/clamp
Industry Sector: Bearing Washer
All electric injection molding machine for Bearing Washer.
Cycel Time:5.9s
Instrument Sector:Digital display board
   All electric injection molding machine for Digital display board of Electric pen.
Cavity:             (1 in, 8 out)
Material:    AS
Injection cycle:      20s
Instrument Sector : Electroprobe
150 ton Injection molding for insert product about Electroprobe with All Automation Injection molding machine.
Cavity:      (1in,6out)
Injection Cycle : 30s
Electronic Sector: Light Pipel
Cavity: (1in,24out)
Material: PC
Injection Cycle:21s(4s faster than before)
Cooling Time: 11s
Household Sector: Curtain Pulled bead
Cavity: 8 /4 lines;
Improve at least 1.5~3 times efficiency compare to traditional manufacture!Save The electrycity 30%~90% for your factory!