Injection Molding Machine
All Electric Injection for Medical Sector

All Electric Injection Molding Machine for Medical Sector

All electric injection molding machines have been on the market for decades now, and there are many benefits in utilizing all electric injection molding machines.

Why is it widely used in the medical Sector?

Electric injeciton molding machine is widely used for medical product durning Covid 19

1 Cleanliness and Less maintenance

No hydraulic oil.

No oil leaks and spills on the floor.keep the workshop clean.Meanwhile,for all electric injection molding machines you will have no sticking valve issues, degrading oil quality issues, ambient temperature process fluctuations and noisy pumps.

Product:  Bone nails; Cavity:4 ;Material:l-lactic acid;Cycle Time:  65s

High Requirements:

1)no bubbles;2)sleeve temperature control error wihtin 2 degrees;3)Without Oil and dust at workshop

2 Low Energy Consumption

The big difference is Energy Transfer Route between Full electric injection molding machine and hydraulic injection molding machine.

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Product:Well plate &Assaykit

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3 High Repeatability and Precision

Full electric injection molding use by Closed loop controls and linear motions.All electric injection molding machines have the highest precision. This is because these machines use electric servo motors to drive their movement. This type of motion allows the process to completely eliminate the fluctuations and inaccuracies of hydraulically driven motion and its inevitable pressure curve.

Pipette Tips

Product: Syringe,Cavity:48;

4 High speed


SANTSAI offer different high injection unit to option, improve the machine efficiency.All electric injection molding machines have multiple electric servo motors. These motors are coupled to pulleys and belts that work onto ball screw mechanisms that actuate the movements of functions, i.e. platen open and close. 


5 Technology Advancements

Full electric injection molding is very suitable for clean room applications. Due to its high precision, the all-electric injection molding machine is ideal for small and medium-sized high accurancy parts and medical sector.

Product: Extraction tube

Product: Ventilator parts



Using an all-electric injection molding machine, you will continue to run production without oil, less maintenance, higher accuracy, higher repeatability, energy saving, a quieter working environment, and a machine that is easier to maintain.

SANTSAI MACHINERY can provide a complete turn key solution including machines, molds, auxiliary and automation equipment. Contact us today to request more information and a proposal for your project.


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